iPod Touch! Yay!

I love, Love, LOVE the iPod Touch. Best iPod ever! I'm actually typing this post using it (it might be a little shorter then normal), so far the keyboard is awsome, my thumbs are a little to big, but I also have problems with the tiny keyboards on smartphones, I think this actually works better. The video looks great and Safari is far better than I could have hoped. I wish it had a note feature like other iPods, because I use that all the time to carry our book database (so we can look while in bookstores to avoid buying duplicates). Battery life seems really good, and I haven't had any of the screen issues I've heard about. Typing could get a little tiring for long periods, but hey what do you expect. With a 16gig max it is a little small for anyone with a huge music library like ours, but for people with less music, want a big beautiful screen, or like our case for a second iPod, I can't imagine a better little device. The photo gallery is nothing short of spectacular, the slide to change from photo to photo works like second nature and the pinch to enlarge and reduce is pretty darn nifty. To wrap up (before my thumbs get too tired) buy one of these puppies, you won't regret it. The only people who shouldn't bother are the lucky bastards who have iPhones, but for us who live in an area that AT&T won't serve, the touch is a pretty darn good alternative.