I have Succumbed to the Dark Side (i.e. Microsoft)

What am I to do? My Mac fanatic credibility is in shambles!

Hold on... Let me start from the beginning. I wrote recently about the Sony PRS-505 eBook reader which Ruth got for me for Christmas. The ebook turned out to be just as popular with the giver as it was with the givee. So, fearing for my long term ownership of my ebook, I decided that the safest course of action would be to provide Ruth with her own ebook reader. I gave it to her it as an early birthday present to mask my real purpose of protecting my own from expropriation. Anyhow, now with two Sony readers, that evil voice in my head started whispering that it may be a whole lot easier to manage the books on the readers using Sony's Windows-only software and that Ruth may want to purchase books from Sony using the afore-mentioned software. Just as most people, I have a tendency to give in to the voices in my head. And so, with no small amount of hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth, I purchased a copy of Windows Vista (an upgrade, I had an unused Win2k license) at Sam's Club (the whole ordeal of Ruth convincing me that I could shop in a Wal-Mart owned company having previously evoked much the same reaction as buying Windows did).

After some hair-pulling and Googling I got Vista to install on my Mac Pro (using VMWare Fusion so that I can run the Windows software alongside my beloved Mac programs). And after using it for a while I came to a conclusion: Vista sucks every bit as much as I expected it to (but, of course, I'm not biased). I'm now quite convinced that Microsoft's interface and security engineers are Sadists. But I digress.

Now I can use the Sony ebookstore and various other tools previously closed to me, but, I fear it is at the cost of my Mac fanboy status, as I no longer have an unsullied record. However one bright spot is that I can still cling to my Mac user smugness; no Windows user can run both Mac and PC software on the same machine. Hah! Take that Microsoft!