My cat Rascal, (who has been showcased previously in photos I've posted) has been a little off for the last couple of months. He lost much of his grandeur (i.e. fat), and has gotten quite skinny, which in and of itself was actually a welcome change, but we got more an more worried as his sides became sunken. Then recently he started to want water more and more, his usual water fountain not being enough, he wanted water in the bathroom sink and anywhere else he could get it. Needless to say increased water intake has an inverse side and the litter boxes were getting rather soppy rather quickly as well.

I new what the symptoms meant but was trying to convince myself it was just stress or something else equally innocuous causing these things. But finally I couldn't put it off any longer. After double checking online to check my suspicions, I had Ruth make an appointment with the the vet for him.

The vet confirmed my worries, Rascal has diabetes. Fortunately it hasn't done too much damage yet and hopefully with regular insulin he'll make a full (or mostly) recovery.

Rascal hasn't quite figured out what's happening everyday at 9:30 am and pm, all he knows is that he gets some gooshy food and a nice scratch. The little jab doesn't even seem to faze him (fortunately Ruth is really good at giving shots).

The insulin seems to have had a rather dramatic effect and even after just a couple of days he has more energy than he has for at least the last month.

I feel pretty sorry for the little bugger, but I'm awfully attached to him and glad that he'll most likely be okay.