Camping in Glacier

We took a trip to Glacier Park last weekend to go camping. It was Sophia's fist time sleeping in a tent, and true to form, the girl just loved it. She likes being outside for any reason, and the trees, mountains and bugs were just a whole new area of fascination for her.

I was really excited for the trip not only because we didn't have a chance to tent camp last year, but also because Glacier is one of the places where many of my earliest and best memories were formed. I'm so proud and happy to be able to pass on the love of the outdoors and nature to my daughter in the same way that my mother passed it on to me.

There are very few places in the world that are as wonderful as Glacier, a fact that Ruth and I (and many, many others) have done our best to document in our own small way through photography--we took over a thousand pictures in three days! I'll post some of them here over the next few weeks and I already have put a few for sale on my Zenfolio site: here, here, and here.