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The First Herd is Away!

I'm sitting waiting for Ruth at her dollhouse club meeting, and since I have little else to do I thought I'd finally end my procrastination streak.

The sale of our cows is going well so far, not enjoyably, but well. We shipped the first of the herds to the auction this past Monday. I felt a little like putting a beloved pet down. The girls will actually be going to a new and, hopefully good home. But I worry about them because there are not all that many ranchers who care for their herds as much as we did.

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Here we go...

In my opinion the best cover that Wired magazine has ever had was on the December 1999 issue. It depicted a winged woman casting herself off of a cliff. I believe it was meant to signify the excitement and potential of the new millennium, but there seemed to me to be a note of unease and uncertainty about the picture. Excitement tinged with a frightening leap of faith into the unknown. Of course the new millennium was just a calendar ticking over from one year to the next, and the importance of it, had only to do with the human brain liking round numbers.

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General Update, or The Best Laid Plans...

This has been a busy period for us. We had Ruth's grandparents visit, and had a wonderful time with them. Then after they left much of my family was in the area for my aunt and uncle's 60th anniversary, and of course we had a great time visiting with them (even though one or two of them got rather demanding, insisting that we take them on a tour of the most beautiful areas of Montana, but I suppose going on a drive through Glacier Park is just the burden we have to bear for family; such a sacrifice).

Camping in Glacier

We took a trip to Glacier Park last weekend to go camping. It was Sophia's fist time sleeping in a tent, and true to form, the girl just loved it. She likes being outside for any reason, and the trees, mountains and bugs were just a whole new area of fascination for her.


We branded today. Not the best job, not the absolute worst either, but it really isn’t much fun for anyone concerned—us or the calves. The whole thing almost didn’t happen. We’d arranged to hire some help because we no longer have anyone else working for us, and we can’t do labor intensive jobs like that ourselves (there are only three of us after all). We hired one guy from the nearby Hutterite Colony, and, or so we thought, arranged for another who lives in Fort Benton to come out and help.

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I’m not really a rancher. Sure, I raise cattle for a living, I brand the calves and ship them away to become hamburgers, steaks, stews, and all of the other myriad of tasty things that beef can become. I fix fence, round-up herds, and spend much of each day “on the range.” But I’m not really a rancher. Please don’t misunderstand I do love my job, most of the time (which is a dam sight better than many people can say).

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Expanding My Interweb Empire

I'm a glutton for punishment (or, sometimes just a plain old glutton, but that's another post). I have this bad habit of telling myself that I should post a new blog entry, but being too lazy and procrastinating it. After while I run out of valid procrastinations and end up coming up with some project which invariably involves more work than just writing a stupid post. Then, of course, I invariably complain about how I'm trying to keep too many projects going at once.


My cat Rascal, (who has been showcased previously in photos I've posted) has been a little off for the last couple of months. He lost much of his grandeur (i.e. fat), and has gotten quite skinny, which in and of itself was actually a welcome change, but we got more an more worried as his sides became sunken. Then recently he started to want water more and more, his usual water fountain not being enough, he wanted water in the bathroom sink and anywhere else he could get it.

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I have Succumbed to the Dark Side (i.e. Microsoft)

What am I to do? My Mac fanatic credibility is in shambles!

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New Sony eBook Reader

For Christmas Ruth got me The Sony PRS-505 ebook reader. Firstly I'll remind my reader that I'm an absolute gadget whore, if you can fiddle with, push buttons, or plug in something, I probably want or have it (sometimes both at once).

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