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Hello World!

Hello and welcome to my new website, I'll be posting my photographs and a few thoughts here. Please feel free to use my stuff (in accordance with the Creative Commons License).

Why I'm doing this:

I've been a fan if Flickr for some time, the site is a great idea and I love being able to see what everyone else is taking pics of. But lately (basically since Yahoo's take-over) I've grown tired of the ever increasing advertising to content ratio and the restrictions on posting, both the new censorship and the limitation of file sizes. So I decided that I can share the pictures I and my wife take for not too much more money than a Flickr Pro account, sure I won't get the viewers, but at least I can control the experience a little more.

So, on this site I'll be sharing my pictures, and since I went to all the work anyhow, I'll blog a little as well. I know there are blogs coming out the internet's ass right now, and this one will probably be ignored like the rest, but I'll at least have used my voice, and it is important for me to speak out for my own sake, even if no one else reads it.

I'll probably post a few pics right off the bat, with more blogging soon.