Sensory Deprivation in Denver

Due to an unfortunate and greatly vexing series of events, involving blood, tears and scratching of paint by unknown human vermin, we've had to drive a rental car to Denver for one of Ruth's dollhouse shows. 

This rental is adequate to the task. Not anywhere near the league of our beloved Subaru, but it gets us places, has AC, iPod input and cruise control. What more does one really need in a car after all?

Well, I'll answer my own rhetorically pointless question: In-dash GPS.

I have come to believe that I have six senses. The sixth one being the ability to determine my location, speed and heading with pinpoint accuracy. And, (yes, there's more!) accurate knowledge of almost all roads leading to my destination, including travel time.

Unfortunately, my sixth sense has been severed from me by this rental car. I now have to rely primarily upon street signs and dead reckoning to get places. 

Our cell phone GPSs have been relatively little help, they help us navigate from point a to b. But there is nothing like having a giant moving map on the dash to keep track of where you are and how you're getting there.

The entire drive down I was missing my sixth sence and contemplating how humanity has really and truly created six, and many more senses for ourselves. Although my position sense is visually and auditorily absorbed does that make it less of a sense? Taste is largely olfactory after all. And I really do have a feeling of my position relative to other locations from using GPS.

I just realized that continuing my metaphor to it's extreme (and what else is a blog for if not going to irrational extremes), that if GPS is a sense, that makes Twitter and SMS is a lot like telepathy. So of course Facebook has become everyones unfiltered inner monologue broadcast, otherwise know as the over-sharing sense. Or in my case makes it a nightmare.

Sorry about that last paragraph, I just had to get some Facebook hating in. How else could I maintain my false sense of superiority without looking down on everyone else who uses a service I don't.

Besides, maybe I'm a bit temperamental from GPSensory deprivation.