I'm not entirely sure why I have such a difficult time keeping up with posting here. I'll readily admit that it's about sixty percent procrastination and/or laziness. I seem to have an overabundance of both of those qualities. But the remaining forty percent is more difficult to pin down. The thing is, I write about three or four times more crap than I ever post. Many times I'll start writing something, get interrupted, and never go back to it. Or, probably even worse, I'll finish writing a post and chicken out; either I'll decide my topic was too uninteresting, or that it was too controversial. It seems pretty silly of me to worry about offending people on my own barely read blog, but I do. I think the thing is, that I care about most of my readers, they are either family or friends that I don't want to disappoint or alienate them with some sort of radical opinion that I might haveā€”even though my opinions are generally not very radical at all. Also, by refusing to write about most things that people might disagree with, I'm self-limiting my audience, after all no one goes to blogs to read about the mundane. I've considered writing more about life in rural Montana, I know that there are plenty of people who like hearing about us back-country types, but I feel that (probably unfairly) I'd be stepping into the stereotype Montana farmer/rancher role that I try so hard to differentiate myself from. I also consider that perhaps my inability to reliably post here may be that part of me really doesn't want the pressure of a regular readership. If I were to write things that someone enjoyed or found interesting, then I'd have to keep it up; and trust me, this is a shallow well I'm drawing from here. My exceptional stupidity in all of this is that I do actually enjoy writing, when I do it. And why should I give a damn what anyone thinks of what I put on this blog? But wether I should or shouldn't care, I do. Like everyone, I want to be popular, and while I don't ever anticipate more than a handful of readers, I want the ones who do take the time to stop by and read my drivel to not entirely regret the wasted minutes spent on my Sh*tty Blog.

Maybe if I'm feeling brave sometime soon I'll dig out my older posts and put them up here. After all, the only thing I've got to lose is a handful of readers. Hopefully when my friends and family start reading the rest of the crap I write they'll be kind enough to forgive me. They can after all, come here just for the photography and skip the writing.