This blog is not yet dead.

I’ll write and post photos later, but I wanted to write something to break the years of inertia from not posting. 

I had been asked to take over the websites for the miniaturist organization that Ruth and I are part of. While I don’t regret saying yes to them, volunteering (and very briefly being paid for one job at the end of my tenure, which is a different and much longer story) for a non-profit that is run by some very well-meaning, some very clueless, and a few exceptionally malicious people had sucked the joy out of writing and maintaining my little blog. 

Now after a couple of years to recuperate from burnout, I’m once again ready to half-heartedly and lack-lusterly post some shitty content here. 

I know there is no audience, but sometimes the void is the best place to scream into.