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Bite My Shiny Metal Ass... iPod Classic is here!

I may as well get it out in the open early on in my blog. My wife and I are Apple whores. Yes, I said it, we are sex workers for Apple [no Computer] Inc. Well, wait, that doesn't sound quite right. Let me rephrase that a little. In the olden days of the 90s we would have been said to "bleed six colors," (after the colors of the Apple logo) but now-a-days I don't know, bleed monochrome? Or maybe better, bleed brushed metal. I wouldn't say we go too far, we just evangelize Macs, iPods, iPhones, Newton MessagePads, AppleTvs, the Lisa, the Apple Colo-Rectal Exam Scope (the only healthcare equipment to come in "lickable" iMac colors) and also , of course, we avoid friendship with anyone who uses Windows (Linux/BSD people are a-okay by us though).

Well maybe we don't actually go that far, but we do have lots of Apple gear, including our newest pride and joy, a 160 GB iPod Classic. The the new all metal design just screamed to have "Bite my shiny metal ass" (Bender's tag line from Futerama) emblazoned on its back. Unfortunately Apple's web site objected to "ass", which we thought was a little stupid, you should be able to put whatever you damn well please on your iPod. We settled on using an @ in place of the "a", kind of a poor workaround, but at least it gets the point across.

Currently Baby Bender (as I think of him), or AssPod (Ruth's name for it) is sitting next to me syncing away. It'll take a while yet because we had more than filled up our 60 gig iPod Photo. The little bit we played with it at unboxing (opening a new gadget, esp. if it is from Apple is always an event around here) we really liked. I loved the new split screen interface. We didn't like the 90° edge around the face of the iPod Videos and the Classic has improved that with a little more curve, but it is still a little sharp for our tastes. I was also a little pissed that the one game we had purchased through the iTunes Store won't play, but it came with Vortex already on it (it didn't look like a trial version and it'd better not be) so I guess we're even for games, and hopefully Apple will enable use of the older games in a software update. Overall we are very impressed with it and I'm really looking forward to finally being able to fit the rest of our music collection on our iPod.

That's enough for now about Baby Bender. I'll do another post when Touch arrives.

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