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Glacier National Park

Photos taken in and around Glacier National Park, Montana.

Sophia's First Swim in Lake MacDonald

Sophia just loved Lake MacDonald, she splashed, bobbed, giggled and guffawed. She would have stayed in for hours, but the water-- even in the middle of summer--is only around 50-60 degrees, so we had to make sure she didn't get too cold.

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Ruth took this one when the three of us went on a short hike in Glacier Park (the Lower MacDonald Creek oxbow hike). Normally I hate to further reduce the quality of my site by posting pics with me in them, but I thought this one might be worth it.

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Ruth & Sophia at Two Medicine

Taken at a picnic we had at Two Medicine in Glacier. It was windy and cold and Sophia wasn't the happiest little girl, but some of the pictures still came out awfully cute.

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Moose Interrupted

This handsome fellow was trying to have a peaceful super at the beaver pond, when he was rudely interrupted by paparazzi.

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Vermin? Who are you calling vermin?

Taken near the top of Logan Pass in Glacier Park. People have fed the gophers (technically ground squirrels) so much that they've lost all fear of people.

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Sunlight @ Avalanche Campground

Taken near Avalanche Campground and the Trail of the Cedars in Glacier.

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Creek on Granite Loop Trail

This is a creek near the beginning of the Granite Chalet trail in Glacier Nation Park, MT. Just a little farther down this trail is the spot that I proposed to my wife.

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