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I suppose I can't procrastinate forever.

It has been politely pointed out to me (please take careful note of the the sarcasm there), that it has been a very long time since I've blogged. I have some very good excuses for that, really I do. But to keep my critics at bay, I've decided I'd better actually post something.

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Singin' the FAP Blues

I like to think that so far I've kept the few things that I written on here relatively positive. The world just doesn't need more people moaning about how bad everything is all the time. Sure some things around are pretty bad; we all know that, but you can't swing a proverbial "cat" on the proverbial "internet" without hitting a proverbial "blogger" complaining about their Helio Ocean, or iPhone, or Amazon Kindle, or EV-DO not working exactly like they think it should (all products that don't work in Montana by the way, except for EV-DO, which just won't work within 60 miles of my home.)

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