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Instant Gratification

Things have been a little quiet around the blog lately, I've been a busy adjusting to this whole parenting thing. Being a parent in many ways isn't as hard as I had thought it was going to be. Maybe its because I'm just such an awesome dad, or it could have something to do with Ruth doing basically all of the work. She has done an amazing job of adapting to motherhood and barely shows the stress of late night feedings, countless diaper changes, and all of the other demands involved. I try to help out when I can, and Sophia, for her part has made the whole parenting gig reasonably painless.

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Holding Pattern

Ruth's and my life is slowly turning into a waiting game. It isn't yet Ruth's due date, but we're getting too close to feel like we can go anywhere more than an hour or so away, and we've started carrying the bags and car-seat with us when we go into town, just in case.

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