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Do you think Sophia is enjoying the macaron? One of the things I am most proud of about my family is that they are equally at home in the middle of nowhere at our home in (extremely) rural Montana, as they are in front of Ladurée on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. I suppose I'm bragging a bit by saying that, but with a wife and kids like I have, there is a lot to brag about.

Second visit to Rosie

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Sophia loved holding the tarantula so much last year when we were in Denver for a dollhouse show that we decided we had to visit again this year. The only problem was that her hands were too cold and the spider wouldn't stay with her. While I was holding it, the lady handler informed me that tarantulas aren't spiders, which was news to me, and Wikipedia, and the spider book in their gift shop. I decided it just wasn't worth the argument. The rest of the Denver Butterfly Pavilion was wonderful though, it has the largest and most beautiful variety of butterflies I've ever seen.

Easter Egg Hunt

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Sophia had oodles of fun hunting Easter eggs this year. (2012)

Boring Big Sis

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Hopefully the rest of their childhood is as amicable as this scene.

Iced Latte

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Ruth asked Sophia what drink she wanted with her afternoon snack. Her unequivocal answer was a latté. We're already drinking decaf because of Ruth being pregnant, so we decided it was ok. After all what's the worst that could happen? That it'll stunt her growth?


It's too bad Sophia wasn't born in a Muslim country, because she would be a master Whirling Dervish. Here she is demonstrating an advanced technique involving a swing-set to gain insight into the nature of the universe. (hint: it's all about play and candy)


Preparing for Presents

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For some reason every year when we take Sophia's Christmas pictures at least one of them makes her look greedy and/or evil. I suppose it might just be her dad coming out in her.

Wintery Day

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I'm still trying to convince Sophia that the best way to enjoy the snow is from inside the house.

Living in the Future

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The Seattle Monorail seems a little old and dated to many people. To Sophia it was the epitome of technological advancement. A girl for whom iPads, cell-phones, and computers are commonplace is wowed by mass transit. Seems at once ironic, yet perfectly predictable.