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Spring Sky

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We arrived home from vacation yesterday to be greeted by beautiful spring weather. Spring in Montana has manic tendencies and we can find ourselves in the thick of winter again overnight, so these beautiful days are that much more appreciated due to their mercurial nature.


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Ruth took this while we were on a drive over the Beartooth Highway with our friend MJ. Sometimes its hard to tell if Sophia is 2, 12 or 32. For some reason her expression just seems so grown-up to me.

Spring Showers

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Spring in Montana can be tremendously beautiful, its just a shame its only three days long.

Painted Sky

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This beautiful fall sunset was the ideal way to test out the new Tokina wide-angle (11-16mm f/2.8 if it matters to anyone) lens Ruth got for me. It is the first "off-brand" lens I've gotten (i.e. not Nikon's Nikkor brand) and I'm really happy with it.

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