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July Moon

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I am a very lucky, and spoiled man. I got (after much impatient waiting) a new camera. It is a rather fancy Nikon D800. The primary problem with it is that it is so nice I'm having to retake many pictures I've already taken, just to have them with the better quality.

I Love the Auroras

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I almost didn't go out to take pictures because it was a bit windy, and even a little wind will move the tripod just enough to ruin long exposure shots. However I sure was glad that Ruth told me to go out anyway and give it a try. The aurora borealis covered the entire northern sky, one of the most spectacular northern lights shows I've ever seen. To the naked eye they appeared even brighter than in the photo, but you couldn't see the definition in the lights that the camera picked up.


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I started to leave the house to check on our calving heifers, but had to run back in for the camera when I saw the sky.
This is a 4 second exposure of the moon just as the top of it is cresting the horizon.

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