Transcript from recent iChat

Ruth and I (esp. me) can be a little lazy, one of the facilitators of said laziness is iChat. We tend to chat rather than get up and go up/down-stairs to talk face-to-face. Sometimes I think this has affected our brains, I want to share a snippet from a chat earlier today, if only because it gives an insight into the environment Sophia is being raised in:

Ruth: every time the computer made a noise for me responding to you Sophia made the same noise at it while reading a book it's hilarious

Me: she's talking to it. soon she'll be able to control it via sound, then all will be lost

Ruth:OMG your right!

Ruth: i am scared to be down here with her right know

Me:better put her down for a nap before its too late

Ruth: no kidding!!

PS: Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a Diesel Sweeties comic, only with fewer robots.