Transcript from recent iChat

Ruth and I (esp. me) can be a little lazy, one of the facilitators of said laziness is iChat. We tend to chat rather than get up and go up/down-stairs to talk face-to-face. Sometimes I think this has affected our brains, I want to share a snippet from a chat earlier today, if only because it gives an insight into the environment Sophia is being raised in:

Ruth: every time the computer made a noise for me responding to you Sophia made the same noise at it while reading a book it's hilarious

I prefer the word "digital" when it refers to computers

Last Wednesday, while I was leaned over with my doctor digitally inspecting my prostate, I had a flash of inspiration. Okay, that isn't true. It was more a flash of searing pain, but I assure you I would have been much happier had it been the former. Happier still if the whole situation had been different.

General Update, or The Best Laid Plans...

This has been a busy period for us. We had Ruth's grandparents visit, and had a wonderful time with them. Then after they left much of my family was in the area for my aunt and uncle's 60th anniversary, and of course we had a great time visiting with them (even though one or two of them got rather demanding, insisting that we take them on a tour of the most beautiful areas of Montana, but I suppose going on a drive through Glacier Park is just the burden we have to bear for family; such a sacrifice). Meanwhile Ruth had been preparing for a dollhouse convention--the largest she's done so far.

Expanding My Interweb Empire

I'm a glutton for punishment (or, sometimes just a plain old glutton, but that's another post). I have this bad habit of telling myself that I should post a new blog entry, but being too lazy and procrastinating it. After while I run out of valid procrastinations and end up coming up with some project which invariably involves more work than just writing a stupid post. Then, of course, I invariably complain about how I'm trying to keep too many projects going at once.

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