Vote Obama!

I've decided that it is finally time that my blog came out in support of Barack. I know that most people have already chosen sides in the election, and also that my readership could be counted on one leprous hand. So me doing this will have no effect on the election, and will likely only serve to irritate the few people who do come here, or at least those that are McCain supporters.

However, I believe that there is enough at stake in this election to warrant even politically unmotivated people like me to speak out. I'm not going to mess around with details and arguments as to why everyone should vote for Obama. Bloggers that have long tirades as to why their candidate will do everything from fixing the country to curing their hemorrhoids are basically just hoping that one of the cable news channels will call them up to be a pundit representing "the Blogoshpere." None of that here. All I want to say is this:

Please vote.
Please vote for Obama.
Please consider switching your support from McCain if you've already decided on him. I'm not going to try to persuade you, just consider it a personal favor. I'll owe you one.

Thank you.