Thoughts on Sophia, Scissors & Sarah Palin

Ruth recently got a Dora the Explorer pillow kit to make together with Sophia. Sophia, being terribly enamored of both Dora and sewing, could barely contain herself. In fact she couldn't. Ruth was busy for a while and told Sophia that they'd do the kit in a little while, which for a two you old may as well be when hell freezes over. So Sophia ever so discreetly goes to the table, opens the pillow kit, finds the sewing scissors (even though they were quite well hidden) and proceeds to start cutting out the Dora pillow.

Vote Obama!

I've decided that it is finally time that my blog came out in support of Barack. I know that most people have already chosen sides in the election, and also that my readership could be counted on one leprous hand. So me doing this will have no effect on the election, and will likely only serve to irritate the few people who do come here, or at least those that are McCain supporters.