I'm coming to eat you, you spiny little bastards

Is it ironic that this year we have had a mostly pleasant spring, but since I haven't had cows to take care of, I haven't been working outside enjoying it? Ruth and I have an ongoing argument about the meaning of irony, but I think that the first nice calving season in years--just after we sell the cows--counts.

It has been quite an adjustment living without the cows, but I have to admit that the opportunity to travel in February and March have been a rather welcome upside.

We had a great time in Seattle for Ruth's Dollhouse show and the Emerald City Comic Con. We were even invited to a dinner party on a yacht belonging to the owner of the Dollhouse Cottage shop (http://dollhousecottage.com/), which was a great deal of fun (Sophia just loved it, but then she loves being in/around water in any form). It was nice to be able to pretend we were part of the upper crust, if only for a few hours. We love Seattle for its food and practically ate ourselves silly at every good restaurant we could find, however my ongoing goal of trying sushi sea urchin was stifled by one sushi restaurant we tried not serving it and the second, which we checked the menu beforehand, having run out. At least there is always next time. (I'm coming to eat you, you spiny little bastards.)

Since returning from our trip, I've been busy trying to make my new photography website pay. I really feel like I need to be writing more content for both Gilded Pixel (http://gildedpixel.com) and this site. But it seems like the longer I put off writing things the harder it is to re-start and I think that the overall quality suffers as well. Of course I am also a world class procrastinator, which doesn't help the productivity. Ruth has informed me that she is going to start nagging (my word, not hers) me to get more pictures online and write more, and the sad thing is I probably need it. That also means though, that if I don't post often enough it means that Ruth is falling down on her "motivating me," and not that I'm being lazy, so feel free to direct any future criticism of my update frequency her way.

(for those of my readers unable to tell--hopefully none--yes that last bit was supposed to be tongue in cheek, I absolutely do not want Ruth to be told to nag me more {she really isn't a nag, despite what I say})