Sophia Performing a Jedi Mind-Trick

"These are not the kittens you are looking for."

They grow up so fast

That is apple juice in the cup, I swear, just plain old one-hundred percent alcohol free apple juice. Sophia always looks that drunk after a successful nap.

Morning Joe

The espresso demitasse was the perfect size for Sophia, but--the poor girl--her mom only let her drink cocoa from it.

Sophia Slides

I took this a couple of weeks ago. We don't get too many beautiful fall days in Montana, so Ruth and I thought that the playground would be a great way to enjoy the nice weather while it lasted. This was Sophia's first experience with slides--she LOVED it. She'd slide down at a snail's pace, but you could tell that to her it was blazing fast.


Andromeda Recumbent

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Ruth finally convinced me (and by "convinced" I mean wore me down until I realized that her getting her way was inevitable) that we needed a new kitten. Ostensibly Andromeda (or Rommie), is for Sophia--not Ruth. Which is of course true, in exactly the same sense that our fifty-six inch LCD tv is for Ruth and not for me.

The First Herd is Away!

I'm sitting waiting for Ruth at her dollhouse club meeting, and since I have little else to do I thought I'd finally end my procrastination streak.

The sale of our cows is going well so far, not enjoyably, but well. We shipped the first of the herds to the auction this past Monday. I felt a little like putting a beloved pet down. The girls will actually be going to a new and, hopefully good home. But I worry about them because there are not all that many ranchers who care for their herds as much as we did.

Sun-Room Spider

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Spiders just shouldn't get this big (at least in Montana). We found her in our sun-room, the web covered the entire corner of the room (I'd say it was about five and a half feet, top to bottom). I can't even label this a macro photo because she's way bigger than the camera sensor (photographing something smaller than the sensor is what usually defines a macro--at least with SLRs). It is difficult to get a sense of scale in the pic, but she was roughly the size of a large jaw breaker. btw--I call it a she because the big mean looking spiders are usually the females. (I'm stopping there...

Skinny Dipping in Cold Water On a Hot Day

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We got one of those little backyard pools for Sophia to play in, and the other day Ruth was so hot from working out in the sun that she couldn't even take time to put on her bathing suit before diving in. Which is by the way, one of the great reasons to live out in the country, bathing suits are not strictly necessary. I couldn't run to get my camera fast enough. ;)

Here we go...

In my opinion the best cover that Wired magazine has ever had was on the December 1999 issue. It depicted a winged woman casting herself off of a cliff. I believe it was meant to signify the excitement and potential of the new millennium, but there seemed to me to be a note of unease and uncertainty about the picture. Excitement tinged with a frightening leap of faith into the unknown. Of course the new millennium was just a calendar ticking over from one year to the next, and the importance of it, had only to do with the human brain liking round numbers.