Yearning for the Outside

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Sophia and her friend Braxton conferring about escaping while at our friend Kathy's birthday party.

Sophia's First Swim in Lake MacDonald

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Sophia just loved Lake MacDonald, she splashed, bobbed, giggled and guffawed. She would have stayed in for hours, but the water-- even in the middle of summer--is only around 50-60 degrees, so we had to make sure she didn't get too cold.

I Love the Auroras

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I almost didn't go out to take pictures because it was a bit windy, and even a little wind will move the tripod just enough to ruin long exposure shots. However I sure was glad that Ruth told me to go out anyway and give it a try. The aurora borealis covered the entire northern sky, one of the most spectacular northern lights shows I've ever seen. To the naked eye they appeared even brighter than in the photo, but you couldn't see the definition in the lights that the camera picked up.

General Update, or The Best Laid Plans...

This has been a busy period for us. We had Ruth's grandparents visit, and had a wonderful time with them. Then after they left much of my family was in the area for my aunt and uncle's 60th anniversary, and of course we had a great time visiting with them (even though one or two of them got rather demanding, insisting that we take them on a tour of the most beautiful areas of Montana, but I suppose going on a drive through Glacier Park is just the burden we have to bear for family; such a sacrifice). Meanwhile Ruth had been preparing for a dollhouse convention--the largest she's done so far.

Bustling with Activity

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I didn't have the right lens on for this pic, I was planning on bird rather than macro shooting. But I found all of the activity (and exuberance, at least in the case of the flies on the left) around this beautiful thistle flower too interesting to pass up.


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Ruth took this one when the three of us went on a short hike in Glacier Park (the Lower MacDonald Creek oxbow hike). Normally I hate to further reduce the quality of my site by posting pics with me in them, but I thought this one might be worth it.

Camping in Glacier

We took a trip to Glacier Park last weekend to go camping. It was Sophia's fist time sleeping in a tent, and true to form, the girl just loved it. She likes being outside for any reason, and the trees, mountains and bugs were just a whole new area of fascination for her.

Antelope Kid

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I took this pic yesterday (6/5/09) it was a beautiful spring day. Today it snowed much of the morning; Montana has to have some of the craziest weather anywhere.

Juice Box

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Fortunately she hasn't yet realized that the juice box makes a good impromptu squirt gun.

Crib Hair

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This is the sight that Ruth gets to look forward to every morning.