Watching the Sunset

It was cold and the sun was down before we got there (we had to set up our tent first). But I think this shot alone made it worthwhile.


Safety First

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Here is Sophia in the drivers seat demonstrating proper seatbelt techniques.

Seattle here we come!

Leaving tomorrow for Seattle, then Oregon then back to Seattle. Ruth has a dollhouse show next weekend and Emerald City Comic Con is the weekend after, and we thought it'd be fun to spend some time on the coast in between. Getting excited to go, even though we just got back from Arizona. The Oregon Coast contains three of the best places on earth: Robert's Books in Lincoln City, Tillamook Creamery in Tillamook, and Doogers Seafood Restaurant in Seaside.


Transcript from recent iChat

Ruth and I (esp. me) can be a little lazy, one of the facilitators of said laziness is iChat. We tend to chat rather than get up and go up/down-stairs to talk face-to-face. Sometimes I think this has affected our brains, I want to share a snippet from a chat earlier today, if only because it gives an insight into the environment Sophia is being raised in:

Ruth: every time the computer made a noise for me responding to you Sophia made the same noise at it while reading a book it's hilarious

Exploring the Casa Grande Ruins

We went to see the fascinating Casa Grande Ruins (Near Phoenix, AZ), some of the doors were a little too small for Ruth and I, but they were just the right size for Sophia.

Vacation !

Ruth, Sophia and I are leaving tomorrow for Arizona to visit Ruth's grandparents. In February. I haven't been anywhere in February in almost fifteen years. When I was a kid my family would take a yearly trip to the Oregon Coast nearly every February, but that was back when we had help taking care of the cows. For a long time now it has been just my dad and I every winter, working seven days a week for five to seven months (depending on how long the winter was). I've had both an aunt and uncle die during the winter, and both times I had to send Ruth to be there, because the cows had to be fed.

Mmmm... Brains

This was my first clue that Romi was actually a zombie kitten.

Frosty Day

I took some pictures the other day of the frost in our shelter belt. There must have been a little north wind to cause the frost to form only on the one side, I thought the effect was pretty interesting though.

Ready for a hike

Poor Sophia has been cooped up indoors too much this winter. She put on her mommies shoes and was walking around with a water bottle. I think she was hinting that it's time to go for a hike; I'd be happy to oblige were it not for the foot of snow outside.