Painted Sky

This beautiful fall sunset was the ideal way to test out the new Tokina wide-angle (11-16mm f/2.8 if it matters to anyone) lens Ruth got for me. It is the first "off-brand" lens I've gotten (i.e. not Nikon's Nikkor brand) and I'm really happy with it.


Beach Baby Sophia

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Sophia's first trip to the ocean, safely tucked away in her stroller (yes, she is in there).

Painful Upgrades

Just spent most of the afternoon, evening, and a fair portion of night, updating Drupal (the software that runs this site). Some rather nasty database and settings issues bit me squarely on the ass, and I had to manually edit all the the entries for the photos. Fortunately, since I'm so lazy about actually putting crap on here, the job wasn't too overwhelming. Unfortunately there won't be any noticeable improvement in the usability of the site, but it should be more stable and robust down the road.

Vote Obama!

I've decided that it is finally time that my blog came out in support of Barack. I know that most people have already chosen sides in the election, and also that my readership could be counted on one leprous hand. So me doing this will have no effect on the election, and will likely only serve to irritate the few people who do come here, or at least those that are McCain supporters.

All that a man can ask for.

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I took this picture just after a friend's wedding. Of course, as fate demands at an outdoor wedding, it had gotten rainy and windy right about the time the wedding was to start. Poor Sophia got rather damp (Ruth and I were downright soaked), but we love the rain, and I don't think its ever too soon to instill that love in our daughter.

No harvest for me, and other news

As of my previous post I had planned on blogging about harvest. The dirt, long hours, heat, and general all-around unpleasantness that goes along with it. You know, whine about my job (isn't that one of the primary motivations for bloggers after all?). Well, I'm sad to report that I've been given no cause to do so. I can't justifiably bitch, whine, mope, or even kvetch about harvest this year. The reason for this unreasonably sanguine attitude is that for some unknown--yet entirely welcome reason--I was not asked to help this year.

Instant Gratification

Things have been a little quiet around the blog lately, I've been a busy adjusting to this whole parenting thing. Being a parent in many ways isn't as hard as I had thought it was going to be. Maybe its because I'm just such an awesome dad, or it could have something to do with Ruth doing basically all of the work. She has done an amazing job of adapting to motherhood and barely shows the stress of late night feedings, countless diaper changes, and all of the other demands involved. I try to help out when I can, and Sophia, for her part has made the whole parenting gig reasonably painless.

Ruth & Sophia at Two Medicine

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Taken at a picnic we had at Two Medicine in Glacier. It was windy and cold and Sophia wasn't the happiest little girl, but some of the pictures still came out awfully cute.

Moose Interrupted

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This handsome fellow was trying to have a peaceful super at the beaver pond, when he was rudely interrupted by paparazzi.

Beautifully Pregnant

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Ruth and I were having a little fun taking some pics in the light of the sunset. She's 8 1/2 months along here and we figured we'd better take some more pregnancy pictures before our time runs out. I especially like this one because I think it captures the duality of being sexy and motherly at the same time.