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I started to leave the house to check on our calving heifers, but had to run back in for the camera when I saw the sky.
This is a 4 second exposure of the moon just as the top of it is cresting the horizon.

All Fall Down

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Ruth stacked all the blocks into a triangle and Sophia had a gay old time scattering them. I like the look of the motion blur on a couple of the blocks as they're falling.


My cat Rascal, (who has been showcased previously in photos I've posted) has been a little off for the last couple of months. He lost much of his grandeur (i.e. fat), and has gotten quite skinny, which in and of itself was actually a welcome change, but we got more an more worried as his sides became sunken. Then recently he started to want water more and more, his usual water fountain not being enough, he wanted water in the bathroom sink and anywhere else he could get it.

February Night-time

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The sky that night was simply to amazing to not photograph. The pic was taken around 11:30pm, in early February. The sky is so light because the moon was mostly full and I did a time exposure (30 seconds). You can just see Orion moving over the roof of the house.

Eating her greens

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There just aren't many foods that this girl doesn't like. As soon as she gets her teeth those veggies had better watch out.

New Sony eBook Reader

For Christmas Ruth got me The Sony PRS-505 ebook reader. Firstly I'll remind my reader that I'm an absolute gadget whore, if you can fiddle with, push buttons, or plug in something, I probably want or have it (sometimes both at once).

Winter Musings

As long as I can remember every time we get a winter storm I'm regaled with stories of the legendary winter of nineteen-seventy-seven, seventy-eight. This winter is not remembered, as you might imagine, for being the year I was born. Rather, my birth is merely a passing footnote in the saga of one of the worst winters in living memory: "Seventy-Eight, the year you were born, now that was a bad winter." That sort of thing.

My Girls

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My Girls. One is always smiling, the other always sticking out her tongue. Which one is doing which thing varies.