This blog is not yet dead.

I’ll write and post photos later, but I wanted to write something to break the years of inertia from not posting. 

I had been asked to take over the websites for the miniaturist organization that Ruth and I are part of. While I don’t regret saying yes to them, volunteering (and very briefly being paid for one job at the end of my tenure, which is a different and much longer story) for a non-profit that is run by some very well-meaning, some very clueless, and a few exceptionally malicious people had sucked the joy out of writing and maintaining my little blog. 


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It has been far too long since I've posted.

We had a good rainstorm today, this graceful mother and child took shelter in the trees around our house.


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Do you think Sophia is enjoying the macaron? One of the things I am most proud of about my family is that they are equally at home in the middle of nowhere at our home in (extremely) rural Montana, as they are in front of Ladurée on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. I suppose I'm bragging a bit by saying that, but with a wife and kids like I have, there is a lot to brag about.

Blown away by a blow out

I have noticed, in my all to frequent interaction with doctors, that many of them are a perverse lot. This realization dawned on me as one of said profession was sitting in front of me, performing an exam the likes of which I've never felt before, and sincerely hope to never endure again. "Oh yea, you definitely blew this out" he uttered. At once matter of fact, yet also clearly relishing the phrase. A combination of the examination, and rather unwelcome (though not at all unexpected) news left me with a rather pressing need to have a seat; my legs having become somewhat unsteady.

Second visit to Rosie

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Sophia loved holding the tarantula so much last year when we were in Denver for a dollhouse show that we decided we had to visit again this year. The only problem was that her hands were too cold and the spider wouldn't stay with her. While I was holding it, the lady handler informed me that tarantulas aren't spiders, which was news to me, and Wikipedia, and the spider book in their gift shop. I decided it just wasn't worth the argument. The rest of the Denver Butterfly Pavilion was wonderful though, it has the largest and most beautiful variety of butterflies I've ever seen.

July Moon

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I am a very lucky, and spoiled man. I got (after much impatient waiting) a new camera. It is a rather fancy Nikon D800. The primary problem with it is that it is so nice I'm having to retake many pictures I've already taken, just to have them with the better quality.

Storms, June 5, 2012 #4

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Taken during one of the stormiest night I ever remember. So many beautiful things happen to the sky when there are thunderstorms.

Tristan's First Haircut

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Ruth was a little apprehensive about giving Tristan a haircut, at 10 months old she didn't know how he'd handle the snip, snip of the scissors and the sitting still. He amazed us both with his willingness to sit for her. He kept trying to look around, but overall really seemed to enjoy the experience.

Easter Egg Hunt

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Sophia had oodles of fun hunting Easter eggs this year. (2012)


I'm not entirely sure why I have such a difficult time keeping up with posting here. I'll readily admit that it's about sixty percent procrastination and/or laziness. I seem to have an overabundance of both of those qualities. But the remaining forty percent is more difficult to pin down. The thing is, I write about three or four times more crap than I ever post. Many times I'll start writing something, get interrupted, and never go back to it.