Sensory Deprivation in Denver

Due to an unfortunate and greatly vexing series of events, involving blood, tears and scratching of paint by unknown human vermin, we've had to drive a rental car to Denver for one of Ruth's dollhouse shows. 

This rental is adequate to the task. Not anywhere near the league of our beloved Subaru, but it gets us places, has AC, iPod input and cruise control. What more does one really need in a car after all?

Well, I'll answer my own rhetorically pointless question: In-dash GPS.


Boring Big Sis

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Hopefully the rest of their childhood is as amicable as this scene.

Iced Latte

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Ruth asked Sophia what drink she wanted with her afternoon snack. Her unequivocal answer was a latté. We're already drinking decaf because of Ruth being pregnant, so we decided it was ok. After all what's the worst that could happen? That it'll stunt her growth?


It's too bad Sophia wasn't born in a Muslim country, because she would be a master Whirling Dervish. Here she is demonstrating an advanced technique involving a swing-set to gain insight into the nature of the universe. (hint: it's all about play and candy)

Spring Sky

We arrived home from vacation yesterday to be greeted by beautiful spring weather. Spring in Montana has manic tendencies and we can find ourselves in the thick of winter again overnight, so these beautiful days are that much more appreciated due to their mercurial nature.


Sophia's Spider

A little bit ago I heard a small slightly worried voice call "Daddy" from the basement. I didn't respond immediately, but the calling became more and more insistent until I had to investigate. I found Sophia, my 2 3/4 year old daughter in our library pointing urgently at a plastic container. Being the clueless father that I am, I said "yes, there's nuts and bolts in there," and proceeded into Ruth's workroom to gain more insight into why Sophia was so enamored of the container.

Desk Kitties

I have two desks in my office. One to work at, and one for the cats to sleep under. It works out fairly well, except that they got the one with the heat register underneath.


Thoughts on Sophia, Scissors & Sarah Palin

Ruth recently got a Dora the Explorer pillow kit to make together with Sophia. Sophia, being terribly enamored of both Dora and sewing, could barely contain herself. In fact she couldn't. Ruth was busy for a while and told Sophia that they'd do the kit in a little while, which for a two you old may as well be when hell freezes over. So Sophia ever so discreetly goes to the table, opens the pillow kit, finds the sewing scissors (even though they were quite well hidden) and proceeds to start cutting out the Dora pillow.

Preparing for Presents

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For some reason every year when we take Sophia's Christmas pictures at least one of them makes her look greedy and/or evil. I suppose it might just be her dad coming out in her.